New HR courses help clients support their staff

Risk Assist’s interactive online portal provides 24-hour support on everything from health and safety and road risk, to HR and business continuity, helping your clients feel more prepared to manage the risks facing their business.

You can now help your clients support their staff’s mental wellbeing with three brand-new HR courses available on our Risk Assist portal.

The courses are specially designed to offer practical advice and insight on mental health at work, managing employee stress and unexplained absence, even while businesses work remotely.

Mental health at work was a hot topic even before the start of the pandemic, with businesses of all sizes recognising the need to support the long-term wellbeing of their staff. However, after lockdown, the focus on mental wellbeing at work feels even more prevalent.

According to official stats from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), over a third (37.4%) of adults said that the coronavirus pandemic affected their wellbeing. 

Meanwhile, for those reporting high anxiety during the pandemic, over 1 in 5 said that their work had been affected because they were finding working from home difficult.

Three new HR courses

With easy access via our online portal, the new courses will join the 16 health and safety courses already available.

  • Mental Health Awareness: supporting staff at all management levels to gain a better understanding of mental health in the workplace, with tips and guidelines on how to spot employees who are struggling.
  • Managing Absence: helping management teams gain a better understanding of the driving factors behind employee absence, helping them recognise when it’s right to start asking questions.
  • Managing Stress: educating management to identify the signs and potential causes of employee stress, to help them provide better ongoing support for their staff.

All Risk Assist courses can be accessed by both your client and their employees. Using an admin account, clients can even assign learning modules to line managers and other relevant members of their team, providing business-wide support and training wherever and whenever they need it most.

Whether your clients are transitioning back to the office, or continuing with homeworking strategies, learning how to manage and support employee wellbeing is a valuable investment for all businesses looking to stay reflexive and responsive in today’s work environment.

Be ready for risk. Log on to today to find out more about the newly available courses.