Looking for a new Schemes partner? See how we can help

At NIG, we are open for business and continually working to ensure our products and services meet the changing needs of both brokers and businesses.

Our appetite for Schemes

Our Schemes proposition is one area which is developing to meet these ever-evolving business needs and it’s an area where we saw strong growth in 2020, despite obvious challenges.

In the last 12 months we’ve:

  • Expanded our distribution model and now have capacity to provide Schemes through managing general agents (MGAs).
  • Onboarded a variety of new Commercial Schemes, ranging from Contractor’s Liability insurance to more conventional Property Owner’s insurance.

2021 is also set to be another year of growth and development, with two additional Schemes expected in the coming months.

Our willingness to trade

We’re always open to working closely with brokers to make it easier and more cost effective for them to meet client needs.

One example of this is our recent relationship with Digital MGA C-Quence which sees us providing capacity for its new property casualty suite. The partnership enables us to make it easier for brokers to deliver sophisticated commercial insurance quickly and at a lower cost.

Our capabilities

  • A tailored approach – we know all Schemes are unique, which is why we always conduct a thorough analysis of requirements and develop a tailored, flexible proposition that will meet your individual needs.
  • Building stronger relationships – we offer a high level of ongoing support and can help brokers grow and develop their Schemes in the long term.
  • Clear onboarding process – we make quick decisions and bring Schemes onboard in as little as six weeks depending on complexity.

Meet Michael Buse, Schemes Underwriting Manager at NIG

Michael has been our Schemes Underwriting Manager for 7 years and has worked in Schemes development for most of his working life. Prior to that he worked as a broker for 15+ years.

“Whether you’re already trading with NIG from a Schemes perspective or are currently seeking capacity for a new Schemes, we’re keen to hear from you. With a wide variety of Schemes in our portfolio, we’re in a position to offer a truly unique proposition for our preferred brokers.”

Want to know more about Schemes? Our regional branches and National Trading Centre all have a dedicated Schemes specialist you can discuss any potential opportunities with. Speak to your usual NIG contact to find out more.