Meet the Risk Control Team

The NIG Risk Control Team is passionate about understanding and reducing risk, and is dedicated to making UK Businesses more resilient.

Our Risk Control Team combines vast expertise with a pragmatic approach to reducing and managing risk. NIG customers also benefit from our in-house Survey Support Team; this team organise client site visits and follow-up the risk improvement action plans that our surveyors develop for a range of businesses. Put all this together and it means your clients can expect effortless and efficient risk management support.

Duncan Calder leads our Risk Control function. This comprises a North and South field team, each led by an experienced Area Surveyor, as well as a national Survey Support Team based in Peterborough.

Our in-house Risk Control function helps ensure consistent risk assessment in line with our underwriting appetite. This allows underwriters to tailor cover and terms appropriately, reflecting the true level of risk presented.

We're always keen to work closely, and to build long-term sustainable relationships, with our supporting brokers. Members of the Risk Control Team are happy to assist with technical queries and to support clients with training programmes that will raise their awareness and understanding of key risks to their businesses.

For more information on the Risk Control Team click here or contact:

Duncan Calder

Head of Risk Control

Mobile: 07825 243 512

NIG’s Head of Risk Control, Duncan Calder talks about how the in-house risk team are helping UK businesses to become more resilient

Sarah Hughes, NIG Risk Control Surveyor, brings to life a case study involving property cladding.