Business Continuity Planning

At NIG we believe that all companies should have a robust Business Continuity Plan in place to help them react effectively to any sort of disruptive event that may occur.

We understand that the prospect of creating a Business Continuity Plan from scratch can be a daunting task for even the most committed business owner. Unfortunately it is an important task which many businesses neglect until it is too late. This is where ROBUST comes in.

ROBUST is a software programme that helps you to create and manage an effective Business Continuity Plan.

ROBUST has been developed by RISCAuthority, a scheme financed by a group of UK insurers including NIG, to support the development of best practice guides and tools for the mitigation of business and property loss.

The ROBUST website can be accessed here:

You will need to register to download the software and this will also ensure you are notified of any software changes or updates in the future.