Site and Access Issues

How do I report issues with TheHub?

Please send as much information and a screenshot to

  • ​Typical information required is:
  • Date / Time of error
  • Login ID
  • Exact error message
  • Which part of TheHub did the error occur?
  • Which Browser (and version) are you using?

Please always try to access the site from another PC before contacting the Broker Support Team. If you are able to access the site from another computer with no problems, this indicates that the issue is with the set up of you PC and you should speak to your IT Support team to resolve.​

Access Denied / Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage

​An Access Denied error message when using our site could possibly be caused if your cookies are disabled or if the site does not recognise your browser, (this sometimes happens if you access the site via a proxy server).

If you are accessing the site via a proxy server, please try the following. (Please note you may need to clarify with your IT support team that you are permitted to amend the proxy and cookie settings on your PC).

  • If you are using Internet Explorer you may be able to turn off this option under the Tools/Internet Options menu and then by clicking the tab 'Connections'.
  • Click the 'Lan Settings...' button, and then unclick the option box to use a proxy server.
  • Click 'OK'.
  • Close the browser and try the site again.

Firewalls / Internet Restrictions may also be blocking access to TheHub, please add the following to your exceptions list:

  • ​
  • *