Case Study: Used car sales

A used car dealership was growing increasingly unhappy with their insurer. Why? Because the insurer was slow to respond to numerous requests for clarification, and it was affecting their business. A key concern was which employees in the dealership were covered to drive which types of vehicles.

Exasperated, the dealer looked to another broker for help. And that broker asked us to provide a quote at renewal – but they needed it urgently. Our team sprung into action, and quickly established the extent of cover we could provide, bringing both much-needed clarity and certainty for the dealer.

The client was impressed with our service, our willingness to trade, and our quick response. As such, they were willing to pay a little more for the peace of mind that came with knowing they were properly and adequately covered.

As a result, we went on to secure cover for the dealership’s ‘Sister’ company, helping the broker win more new business with a new client.

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