Case Study: Specialist cars sales and servicing in multiple locations

It’s not unusual for premiums to increase following a claim or claims. But after an unexpectedly big jump, this particular broker asked us to quote on a renewal. Their client? A used car dealer, who also ran servicing and repair workshops in multiple locations.

So our experienced, specialist underwriters, rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They quickly established the dealer’s security had been upgraded following a break-in. Also, after looking more closely at the detail of an outstanding RTA claim, it was clear that the costs would be recovered from the third party insurer.

The policy was also in joint names, despite the second company not being a subsidiary, which technically was incorrect.

Happy with the risk’s overall profitability, we also provided additional cover options and a quote on a ‘one quote to market’ basis. This gave the broker peace of mind that no competitors were also offering a quote from NIG.

Thanks to our underwriting approach and ability to spot and correct technical errors by the previous insurer, we not only provided a better deal, we did so based on the right cover.

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