Case Study: Plastic injection moulding

Working with a partner broker we pipelined a new opportunity to underwrite a large plastic injection moulding risk. Given the size and complexity of the opportunity along with the market dynamics involved, we started tactical trading discussions straightaway and agreed to offer a quote on an exclusive basis.

We carried out a pre-cover survey in good time which helped us determine the risk was well managed and protected. The client was keen on further enhancing their Risk Management practices and through working with our in-house risk control team, we identified areas for potential improvement alongside a risk management bursary which proved attractive to the client.

Through this, we established what our overall broker and client proposition would need to look like, which resulted in issuing the NIG Protect Manufacturers’ Combined product. This proved very attractive to the broker and client. On this basis all three parties committed to a three year tripartite agreement.

Our team worked effectively on this risk with the broker and client always ensuring our efforts were aligned and the end result was a success all round.

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