Mini Fleet

Mini Fleet is designed for fleets with 2 to 15 vehicles and provides cover for private cars and commercial vehicles up to 4 tonnes, forklifts and trailers. Plus, you can extend cover up to 20 vehicles at mid term and renewal.

Why choose NIG for Mini Fleet?

Here's why....

  • Straightforward online quotes, mid term adjustments and renewals.
  • Cover up to 15 vehicles at new business.
  • Extend up to 20 vehicles at mid term or renewal.
  • Value limit for cars and vans increased to £60,000 and £40,000 respectively.
  • Over 2,000 trades accepted online without referral.
  • 30 days EU foreign use as standard.
  • Motor Insurance Database (MID) updated on behalf of the policyholder.
  • We replace vehicles under a year old if damaged to over 60% of their value.
  • Driving options include Any Driver Over 21 for cases that were previously fleet rated.
  • Can accept previously NCB-rated risks.
  • UK based claims handlers.
  • Optional UK or European Green Flag breakdown cover (underwritten by U K Insurance Limited).
  • Available on:
  • The Hub  
  • Acturis