Business Package

Our Business Package policy is a Commercial Combined product designed to be traded online. Suitable for UK based businesses including retail, leisure, services, transport, warehousing, manufacturing and wholesaling with flexible optional sections to create a straightforward and tailored solution.

Why choose NIG for Business Package?

Here's why....

  • Introductory no claims discount available at new business.
  • Over 1000 acceptable trades including pub, restaurant and hotel.
  • No claims discount available at new business and renewal.
  • Straightforward online question sets, no auto-survey requirement.
  • Standard excess of £250 for material damage with £100 or £500 options available. (NB the minimum Excess for Escape of Water is £500).
  • Can cover up to 3 premises.
  • Wording designed specifically for Manufacturers and Wholesalers with numerous policy extensions.
  • Flexible range of Covers.
  • Includes Engineering Breakdown cover as standard. Providing up to £250,000 for Computer Equipment, a maximum of £15,000 for Frozen or Chilled Foods and up to £5,000 for other Perishable Goods.
  • Free-format Business Description field (subject to referral).
  • Option to add Legal Expenses up to £150,000.
  • The Stock in Trade sum insured is extended to include a 25% or £500,000 (whichever is the lower) seasonal increase during November, December and 15 days before and after Bank Holidays (other than those Bank Holidays in December).
  • Advice lines for health and medical assistance, business emergency assistance and legal advice.
  • Available on:
  • TheHub  
  • Acturis  

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