Stuart Baldwin — Creator of Live BIG®

Stuart is the creator of Live BIG®, a way of thinking and being that stops us from playing small. A highly sought-after global speaker, trainer, and coach, he takes big ideas and translates them into simple, practical steps that leaders can use to empower themselves and others to do more, be great, love life… and realise their full potential.

He has worked in over 30 countries and personally trained over 25,000 leaders at companies ranging from Deloitte and Asda to the BBC and Virgin.

Before creating Live BIG® in 2007, Stuart spent 15 years in the broadcast media business. He became the youngest ever Programme Director of a commercial radio station at 24 and soon after became Managing Director of a group of pop music radio stations, where the Live BIG® Powers were first road tested.

At the core of Stuart’s work is a belief that we are capable of more than we realise. That we can all lead happy, fulfilled, and meaningful lives. And that work can be a place where people are empowered to achieve remarkable things. Audiences leave Stuart’s sessions energised, inspired, and committed to taking action to lead better and live bigger.

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