With You in Five: 5 simple steps to faster claims settlement

At NIG we are committed to being effortless to trade with and in recent years have adopted a number of digital technologies which have benefited our brokers and their customers. Our latest digital innovation concerns our claims handling processes.

Over the last year, we’ve been piloting With You in Five (WYi5) in our property claims departments. The aim of WYi5 is to reduce the claims lifecycle, while improving the whole experience for your customers; and the good news is that so far it’s been an unqualified success.

Rob Smart, Head of Commercial Claims at NIG, commented; ‘’The WYi5 service has proven a great option for less complex claims, helping us to quickly understand the customer claim and fully scope out the extent of damage needing repair. Our experienced team of handlers can then have really positive conversations with customers, earlier than before and agree the best claims outcome to suit the needs of our NIG customers, whether involving repair or cash settlement.’

WYi5 is an end-to-end process managed by your nominated claims handlers and our specialist Property Insurance Assessors (PIAs). Ultimately, WYi5 is designed to ensure the smooth and swift settlement of claims involving internal decorative damage caused by different perils. It is particularly useful in escape of water claims.

Here’s how it works:

1. On receipt of a new claim, our handlers discuss the most appropriate way to investigate the claim with you. If the loss concerns a standard construction and features internal damage, our handlers may instruct WYi5.

2. WYi5 calls the customer within hours to arrange an appointment at a time convenient to the customer, even if it’s in the evening or on a weekend. The appointment usually happens within 24 hours of the first contact with the customer.

3. A WYi5 representative visits the property to gather information of the loss, take measurements and photo/video evidence, and uploads it via a cloud-based portal* to NIG’s claims handler, normally within hours of the visit.

4. The PIA assesses the information from the customer and discusses settlement, replacement, or fulfilment options within 48 hours.

5. If the customer prefers an agreed cash settlement, our handlers can make a BACS payment, ensuring both swift payment and swift resolution of the claim. And that’s it – claim closed.

To learn more about WYi5 and what it can do for your customers, please contact NIG’s Property Claims Team or your Claims Account Manager.

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