Why Schemes are important to us

At NIG, we understand the benefits that a long term, stable Scheme can bring. Schemes demonstrate a real tripartite relationship between customer, broker and insurer to deliver a unique proposition. We have worked on numerous schemes this year building development strategies to help grow existing arrangements and new partnerships.

With assistance from our delegated arrangements team, our desire is to help your scheme grow critical mass, enabling you to achieve a core portfolio of profitable business. We do this by designing products which meet the needs of your customers but at the same time, provide a competitive solution in a tough marketplace.

We have evolved how we manage schemes. Each scheme is awarded its own executive sponsor and it’s own dedicated project manager who will carry out regular account reviews. The Project Manager will be responsible for providing a range of supporting functions relating to product design and pricing, risk analysis and sales. Additional risk management support is also available from our UK-wide in-house Risk Control team.

Success has come from building knowledge, sharing expertise and conducting joint research and development in the sectors where we identify opportunity. With our combined knowledge and expertise we can open up opportunities that meet your customer’s needs.