We’re making eDocs e-asier

We’re a paperless organisation and documentation for most of our regionally-traded products is available via the eDocs portal on TheHub.  We believe it should be effortless to access your customers’ documents so we’re taking your feedback on board and making the portal even easier to use. We really value your feedback so please continue to share your thoughts with us!

Improvements we’re implementing from 6 September include:

Immediate visibility of recent policy documents

When you log in, documents uploaded to eDocs over the past 12 weeks will immediately be displayed. No need to search for them anymore! They’ll also be in date order with the newest document listed at the top.   

Supporting documents icon

Any policies that have supporting documents attached to them will now have an “icon indicator”, enabling you to view, download and print supporting documents easily.

Document “Added On” date remains the same

When accessing a policy document, the inception date will not change, ensuring documents remain in the order of the date they were uploaded to the portal.

Inception date is now displayed

To make it easier to identify the correct document, the inception date (New Business date, Renewal date or Mid-Term adjustment date) will appear next to the list of documents displayed.

Improved search functionality

Search results are no longer case sensitive and the search functionality is faster.

To see the changes we’ve made to the eDocs portal please click here to download the eDocs user guide.

If you need access to eDocs please contact your NIG Relationship Manager or Underwriting team to arrange a login to TheHub.

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