Ukraine Crisis – Important Policy Statements

We want to keep you up to date so that you can respond to your clients’ queries relating to the Ukraine crisis and reassure policyholders that wish to support the Government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme or transport humanitarian aid to the Ukraine border. We hope you find the below helpful and it provides the clarity you need.

Refugees – NIG eTrade Property Owners and Premier Property Owners Policy Statement 

We can confirm that landlords or tenants of residential properties sheltering refugees without charging rent do not need to notify NIG and will continue to be covered by their NIG eTrade Property Owners or Premier Property Owners policy with no change to their terms and conditions. 

Humanitarian aid – NIG eTrade mini-Fleet, Motor Fleet Policy, and Motor Trade Statement 

Where a fee would have been charged to extend policy cover whilst driving within the European Economic Area, this fee will be waived if our policyholder is providing humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Please see our policy wording for the full list of the countries we can cover. 

Humanitarian aid – NIG Commercial Van Policy Statement

Policyholders with comprehensive commercial van insurance cover in the UK will be granted comprehensive coverage at no additional charge for any cross-border journeys taken for humanitarian reasons within the European Economic area.

We are here to support you and your clients and hope you find this update helpful.