Spotlight on our eTrade team

We’re constantly making improvements to make it effortless to trade with us. That’s why we’ve developed a number of service models to reflect the ways our brokers like to trade.

For brokers who prefer trading online, NIG products are available across multiple platforms. In fact, 70% of NIG in-force policies are now delivered online either via software houses or directly into our award-winning platform TheHub.

TheHub allows a broker to obtain an instant quote which can then be underwritten, endorsed and finalised over the phone or through live chat. For our brokers, the process feels quick and simple – and we are constantly investing in TheHub to make it smoother than ever.

But, while you see the process happening online, what you may not realise is that behind the scenes are a team of experts reviewing every single case. It’s thanks to these individuals that we can deliver a quick, customised quote to suit you and your clients in as little as two hours. TheHub is not only our broker platform but also the platform our underwriters use

Today, we’re going to introduce you to Ben, Jen and Oliver from our eTrade team in Peterborough, to hear more about our service offering.


As head of the broker servicing team, Ben has one of the busiest jobs in NIG. Every month, he oversees 8,000 phone calls and 4,000 live chats from 11,000 different contacts.

Ben is a big advocate of live chat. It helps him to deliver on his commitment to provide a complete response to every enquiry. It also cuts down on Ben’s admin work by making sure both he and the broker have a record of the conversation, including any previous quotes.

But despite championing live chat, Ben says his greatest asset is his team in Peterborough.

‘Everybody in my team can do anything. It’s incredibly busy, complex work and they can be dealing with multiple queries at any time. But they are a very clever bunch and always keen to get on.’

‘The key thing for our team,’ says Ben, ‘is to get it right first time.’

As team leader, Ben makes sure everyone in his team understands the importance of responding to cases quickly and decisively. How does he do that? ‘We try not to be a figures-based operation. We make sure every customer matters and always go the extra mile to deliver, whatever it takes.’

‘The best part of my job is getting it done and listening to the feedback from brokers. The majority of responses are positive – it’s great to see how we’re making a difference.’

So, what’s next for Ben and his team?

‘We’re putting more resource into live chat. We’ve seen huge growth in it over the last 12 months and loads of positive feedback. I think live chat is the future for this team.’


Jen is one of our top underwriters. She’s been at the company for almost a decade and has overseen countless quotes and claims.

The main part of her job is to work with brokers to review claims. But with her incredible expertise, she also trains new starters and coaches other underwriters.

Jen’s job is incredibly varied. When reviewing a policy, she has to sift through a lot of information very quickly. When she first started, that meant leafing through stacks of paperwork – but now, she manages everything from TheHub.

‘It’s changed my job dramatically. Before TheHub, turnaround times were between 2 weeks to a month. Now we aim for no more than 2 hours.’

And what does she like most about her job?

‘It’s so interesting. Every day is different. There’s no routine, you just have to do whatever’s necessary to help the client.’


Oliver’s job is to make sure our eTrade platform works perfectly for every customer, every time.

On an average day, you’ll find him optimising even the most minor details on TheHub, liaising with software houses, improving the overall user experience and eliminating bugs.

What’s his secret? ‘I was previously an underwriter. I worked my way up through the company, so I understand exactly how brokers work and what they need from our product.’

‘I was a product user – now I’m a product manager.’

Using his valuable industry knowledge, Oliver makes sure TheHub remains relevant to brokers’ changing expectations.

‘Right now, I’m looking for ways to improve efficiency by reducing the number of questions a broker has to answer.’

‘Our team has also nearly finished a new product, so keep an eye out for that too.’

The team in Peterborough is ready to support in the way that suits you best, whether that’s via a quick call, online referral or live chat. You can also download our eTrade user guide for product details including key selling points, our claims service, risk management and in-house surveying.

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