Our National Schemes Centre is open for business

Today we’d like to introduce you to a few members of the new schemes team. They are Technical Underwriter Sarah Hunter and Commercial Underwriters Courtney Winterson and Paul Rowley.

About Sarah

Sarah has been underwriting commercial insurance since 1990 and is particularly experienced in motor insurance and fleets – she holds level 5 underwriting authority in motor and level 4 in non-motor markets. Sarah joined NIG in 2009 and became principle technical underwriter in 2013, then team leader in 2017.

About Courtney

Courtney has been with Direct Line Group for 14 years and a Commercial Underwriter at NIG for 3 years.  Though she specialises in fleet, motor trade and wholesale, she also has expertise and experience in underwriting in a number of sectors.

About Paul

Paul joined NIG three years ago, bringing 15 years’ experience with him. He specialises in Property Underwriting. Prior to joining the National Schemes Centre Paul was part of the Real Estate Team.

What’s an average day like in the National Schemes Centre?

Paul: Everyone has their own role here. We’re all very experienced underwriters and there’s a good mix of experience across all sectors.

Sarah: No two days are ever the same. Today, for instance, I’ve already looked at about 24 policy actions or amendments.

Courtney: We try to do as much as possible over the phone or at first point of contact. It also means, when a broker calls us, we can have a product expert ready to help them.

How is the National Schemes Centre making it easier to trade with NIG?

Sarah: There were a few schemes that needed special attention, and now we can offer our brokers that dedicated service.

Paul: By setting up the National Schemes Centre, our brokers can get everything they need from one location.

Courtney: Right now, we’re delivering strong service levels and we’ll always endeavour to action in the broker’s required timeframe. We’re still looking to become even more efficient and make improvements for our brokers.

How can brokers work with you?

Courtney: When a broker comes to us with a presentation, it gives us a chance to analyse the information, work out the premium and see what we can do for them. We aim to give our brokers a flexible, effortless underwriting experience across our Scheme portfolio, no matter what they need.

What are brokers saying about the National Schemes Centre?

Sarah: We’ve already had some great feedback. For instance, we underwrite a £5 million motor trade scheme for one client. They were very happy with the improvements to the service that came from working with the National Schemes Centre. It’s really pleasing to have positive feedback already – we’re just glad we can give more attention to our brokers.

What sort of things are you working on right now?

Sarah: My priority is getting schemes transferred over. Sometimes we need to do this face-to-face, so my team and I are spending a lot of time visiting other offices and brokers.

Courtney: I’m working on a number of interesting schemes, including one for a funeral director’s fleet of vehicles. Because we’re more centralised, we can offer our brokers a much better service.

What else is on the horizon?

Sarah: We’re still looking to inherit a number of schemes and we’re also looking for authority in Northern Ireland. We’re also going to be doing a schemes roadshow, touring the country to show brokers in different regions what we’re all about and what we can do for them.

Our aim is to be the brokers’ choice for commercial insurance and we want your service experience to be a walk in the park. You can get in touch with the team at the National Schemes Centre by clicking here

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