NIG Announces Strategic Partnership with Flock to Advance Motor Fleet Insurance

NIG are proud to announce a strategic partnership with Flock, the UK-based insurtech company.

The partnership will see the two businesses collaborating on a digital, data-driven approach to motor fleet insurance, which combines a fully digital insurance management portal, rebates for safer driving, and offers comprehensive safety and claims workshops for all customers. The partnership aims to expand risk coverage capabilities across various commercial motor segments. 

About Flock: Flock is a leader in connected insurance for commercial motor fleets, employing a telemetry-driven approach to motor insurance pricing and risk management. With a mission to make the world quantifiably safer, Flock provides fleet owners with crucial safety interventions, and incentivises safer driving with intelligent pricing. 

Quotes from leadership 

“We are excited to partner with Flock, bringing a fresh, data-driven approach to the motor fleet market. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to innovate customer-centric solutions,”

stated Sonya Bryson, Acting Commercial MD, Direct Line Group.

“Flock’s partnership with NIG is a pivotal development in our journey to redefine fleet insurance. This collaboration allows us to bring our product to a much wider audience, and a leverage our hundreds of millions of miles of driving data to help many more drivers become safer,”

said Ed Leon Klinger, CEO of Flock.