NIG Academy’s First broker delegates achieve their Cert CII

Congratulations to all 15 of our First broker delegates who have spent the past 5 months working with the NIG Academy on achieving their Cert CII qualifications. With their last exam earlier in the month it was 100% pass rate across all 3 modules with all delegates becoming Cert CII qualified, huge congratulations to you!

Having launched this component of the Academy in April, we are really pleased with the excellent results. Great work from our dedicated trainers who deliver the webinars and the face to face revision sessions prior to the exams. Suz Diemer, Proposition Manager says “This is the first year we have developed training to support professional qualifications. It was developed as a direct response to our first brokers feedback. To have achieved a 100% pass rate across all 3 modules in our first year is a testiment to the quality of the training and the value we are adding to our First Club brokers.”

We are already taking First broker nominations for next year’s Cert CII which will be kicking off in May 2018. If you’d like to reserve a spot please email [email protected], wider communication will also be available next year. Once again, congratulations to all!