How’s eTrading for you? It’s time to have your say

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Every year, Insurance Times runs its eTrade survey, asking brokers to rate the service they receive from their eTrade insurers. It’s your chance to have your say about the service you’ve received over the last year.

Have your say…

The survey which runs until 31st January, 2020, asks brokers to rank insurers based on five categories. These are:

  1. Usability and trading ease
  2. Quotability
  3. Quality of support
  4. Quality and number of questions asked
  5. Breadth of cover and product range

…along with the chance to win

If you complete the survey, you’ll receive an executive summary of the Insurance Times eTrading report. Plus, you’ll not only be entered into NIG’s free prize draw to win one of 100 £15 Amazon Gift Cards, you’ll also be entered into the Insurance Times’ prize draw to win £250 of John Lewis vouchers!

To complete the Insurance Times eTrade survey, click here.

Tracking our progress

At NIG, the survey has become an important way for us to see not only how we’re meeting the needs of our brokers, but also how we rank against our eTrading competitors. So we strongly urge you complete the survey, as the more brokers who complete it, the better picture we’ll have of what we do well and where we can improve our products and service.

Great expectations

We’ve had some great results in recent years. In 2018, we were voted no.1 for Software Houses. And earlier this year in May, we were the only insurer with a Five Star rating for TheHub and Software Houses.

Never one to rest on our laurels, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our eTrade proposition to support you and your customers. We’ve made lots of improvements based on broker feedback. Here are some highlights: 

  • Saving you time – it’s now even easier to upload data, review what’s on cover, and complete for Property Owners and Mini Fleet quotes quickly on TheHub.
  • Helping you win business – we’ve introduced lead optimisation for Business Package via TheHub.
  • Faster decision-making – thanks to increased quotability, fewer referrals, and more authority for underwriters.
  • More know-how – we’re continuing to invest in our people’s expertise and knowledge.
  • Better communications – we’re moving to an improved Live Chat service on TheHub.

Thanks in advance for taking part

Almost all of the improvements we make to our eTrading proposition, we base on your feedback and our ratings in industry surveys like the Insurance Times eTrade survey. Together, they provide not only lots of ideas of where we can improve what we do, but they also help us track how well we’re doing.

You’ve got until 31st January 2020 to have your say. To complete the Insurance Times eTrade survey, click here.