Commuting use to be added to motor certificates

To ensure clarity of cover, we are updating motor certificates to include commuting for drivers already entitled to drive for social, domestic and pleasure purposes.

We understand that while we are covering our policyholders’ commercial businesses, company vehicles may have multiple uses, particularly for smaller family-run businesses. We want to help our customers fully understand who and what is covered by their policy.

When will/won’t commuting be included?

We will be including commuting use for any employee or non-employee, where we have agreed social, domestic and pleasure.

However, we will not be adding commuting use where we have provided social, domestic and pleasure cover for any unspecified relative or friend of a partner, principal or director. We view this as infrequent use and, as such, commuting cover is not appropriate without further investigation.

What counts as commuting?

We are using the accepted common law definition of commuting, i.e. the use a vehicle while it is being driven to and from the driver’s permanent place of work, for either part of the journey, or the whole journey. This includes driving to and from a car park, railway station or bus stop as part of a journey to work.

Will there be an additional premium?

We will not be imposing an additional premium for this change.

Speak to your NIG contact to find out more.