Communicating with NIG’s eTrade team is even more effortless

We at NIG know it’s vital that our brokers are able to communicate with the right person when trading. As such we are committed to being effortless to trade with and communication is the key to that.

Not only does our market leading eTrading platform, The Hub, offer huge amounts of functionality, enabling you to self-service New Business, Adjustment and renewals on all of our products, but it also enables you to refer to our dedicated specialist underwriters who will manage your requests in a flash.

We also offer our highly-recommended Web Chat service via TheHub and on Acturis Version 7. The service has always been popular among our brokers with over 90% of our brokers rating the system as 4 out of 5 for experience*.

Building on this positive feedback we spent the second half of 2016 looking at how we could further enhance our Web Chat service on TheHub so that it reacts faster and operates in a more efficient manner – thereby making TheHub even easier to use.

These enhancements include team-to-team transfer, an internal conversation rating system, and co-browse functionality which allows underwriters to see what the broker is seeing on their screen in order to guide them through TheHub quote and buy journey.

Finally, to speak to one of the experienced underwriters at our Peterborough based eTrading Centre please contact: 

During busy call periods we’ll even do the queuing for you with our innovative new solution Queue For Me.

The system enables you to keep your place in the queue without having to stay on the telephone, allowing you to carry on with your day. Once you get to the front of the queue, we’ll call you back. And remember, registering for a call-back through Queue for Me is as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

1. Record your name  

2. Confirm your call back number – this can be the number you’re calling on or a different phone number

3. Hang up, and let us do the queuing for you

You’ll then receive a call back as soon as you are at the front of the queue. If for some reason we can’t get through, we will try you again, up to 3 times in total.

Initial feedback of Queue for Me has been positive with James Parrott of C C Flints saying; “The team at Flint Insurance are a fan of the new telephone service, with no queuing, no hold time and prompt call backs within 2 to 3 minutes making for a really effective service, helping the Flint team meet our clients high expectations of our service.”

*figure generated using customer satisfaction survey data