360 from NIG: the all-round solution to simpler, faster claims October 2018

In November we’re expanding our 360 initiative across Motor, Property and Liability.
From 5th November, we’re expanding our 360 Motor initiative (see previous update here) by giving customers an easy way to submit dashcam and other video footage to support their claim. We know that dashcams are becoming more prevalent – in 2013 only 1% of motorists used a dashcam but in 2017 that figure had jumped to 15%. Market estimates suggest a further 30% of motorists plan to use one in the near future.[1] 

From 19th November all customers will also be able to upload photos and videos (including CCTV footage) to support their low-value Property and Liability claims, along with any additional supporting documents such as estimates and invoices.

Less hassle, more ease

Customers can use their smartphones or tablets to send in dashcam or other video footage which helps us make liability decisions, which can assist with defending the insured or indeed identify if the driver was at fault. This allows us to control and minimise any third-party costs.

For property damage claims, customers can upload photographs and videos of the damaged areas to help us quickly decide the appropriate next steps.

How the process works

  1. A NIG claims handler will send a link directly to the insured, allowing them to upload video or photo evidence relating to the claim from their phone or other device. If required, this link can be sent to the broker and forwarded to the insured.
  2. The handler can then share any submitted information with the broker and third-party representatives as appropriate.
  3. The handler will view the information submitted and proceed with negotiating the claim.

Our ambition is clear; to be the brokers’ choice as commercial insurer to UK enterprises. This is why we are organising our business around you, the broker, so that we can find even more ways to be effortless to trade with. Simply put, we believe insurance should be a walk in the park.

Your feedback is always welcome to support the development of the NIG claims journey, so please remember to complete the claims survey link following the first notification of loss and at settlement of the claim.

If you have any queries, please contact your NIG Claims Relationship Manager or usual claims contact.

[1] https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/risk-insights/dashcam-benefits/

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