NIG First is our exclusive club for a small number of our top independent brokers. Members receive a bespoke package which is built around four key benefits:


Priority service is a key feature of NIG First. Our members’ enquiries are prioritised across all areas of our business, whether that be underwriting, Claims or our eTrading centre in Peterborough. The superior NIG service standards our members receive support them to deliver an exceptional service to their clients.


Our focus is on mutual profitable growth and building our members’ businesses, as well as our own. Therefore, we create completely bespoke financial arrangements that meet our members’ individual requirements.


NIG First provides named contacts in every business area, including our Executive team. This enables our members to resolve all of their queries quickly. In addition, our people know who our members are and why they are important to us. Development days enable NIG to get closer to our brokers’ businesses and regular visits from our Executive team encourage honest conversations.


We always look to evolve the NIG First proposition to ensure it remains relevant to our members’ businesses. Each broker has a bespoke package that is unique to their business. The package is built around helping our brokers grow in their ambitions and may include marketing support or lead generation. There is also the opportunity to gain access to our award-winning Future Leaders programme, or it may be something more specific to that members’ business, such as the development of a new scheme.