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Spotlight on our Risk Control Team

31 January 2019

At NIG we’re committed to ensuring UK businesses remain resilient in an ever-changing world.

One of the ways we do this is through our in-house Risk Control Team. Combining a wealth of expertise with a pragmatic approach, we provide customers with a comprehensive way to reduce and manage risk, while building a seamless relationship from our very first conversation.

To give you an idea of the type of service we pride ourselves on, we caught up with the Risk Control Management Team.

Let’s meet:
• Duncan Calder — Head of Risk Control. To watch Duncan's video about our approach to risk management, click here
• Laurence King & Martin Medlar — Regional Risk Control Managers covering our South and North operations.
• Hannah Willis & Rachel Wheatley — Survey Support Team Leaders based in Peterborough.

Duncan Calder

With 25 years of industry experience behind him, Duncan has brought a wealth of knowledge to his role as Head of Risk Control since joining NIG in 2016.

Duncan says his team approach projects with a fresh perspective. As he explains, “When we’re on site with customers, we have a proper understanding of NIG’s underwriting appetite and what’s important not only to our team of underwriters but also the company as a whole. This means customers benefit from a more pragmatic approach to the solutions we suggest.” 

This makes the process smoother and more efficient for both brokers and customers, says Duncan. “Customers like to speak to the same people, to hear the same voice at the other end of the phone. And because we’ve been with customers from the very first conversation, they don’t have to keep retelling their story because we know it. We understand their business and the risks involved.”

Duncan is also an advocate of the dedicated risk management area on, giving brokers access to NIG’s expertise at the touch of a button. He says: “Most brokers won’t have their own in-house risk capabilities, so the site lets them either enhance their own knowledge or demonstrates NIG’s expertise to potential customers.”

Looking at the year ahead, Duncan expects his team to work closely with their customers as companies explore new, innovative ways to utilise technology – in ways that could create or affect existing risks. Although, as Duncan explains, “if we continue to be out there on-site, meeting customers and helping them understand risk, we’ll be able to keep up our good work in an ever-changing world.”

Laurence King & Martin Medlar

Laurence and Martin are our Regional Risk Control Managers and have decades of experience between them. Martin leads our Northern team, while Laurence heads up the team in the South.

Since joining in 2018, Laurence has been impressed by the personal nature of NIG’s Risk Control service. “Our surveyors are often the only representatives from NIG that our clients will meet,” he notes. “That’s why we pride ourselves on having an experienced, personable team with strong communication skills that allows us to build strong relationships with customers from the first meeting.”

The relationship between our team and our network of clients and brokers is built on a foundation of honesty and openness, explains Laurence: “Our surveyors have the confidence to communicate any issues and concerns we have with the client up front. It’s this transparency with our customers that sets us apart from many of our competitors.”

“A lot of insurance companies are also doing away with their in-house Risk Control teams in favour of contractors,” adds Martin. “But our integrated, in-house team here at NIG means our surveyors are more adept at being able to tailor their approach to meet our clients’ individual needs, allowing us to build trust and develop a lasting relationship.”

Hannah Willis & Rachel Wheatley

Based in Peterborough, Hannah and Rachel have not only been job-sharing on-and-off since 2008, but Rachel even looks after Hannah’s dog if Hannah’s out of town, so it’s safe to say they have an understanding.

“The key to any successful job-share is communication,” says Hannah, who kicks off each week with our support team. “Both Rachel and I are always available to talk, which is often essential to ensure our surveyors’ schedules are arranged, our mailboxes are managed, and our team is able to respond to any urgent requests.”

Although we have surveyors operating across the country, Rachel sees NIG’s Risk Control Team as one big family. As she explains, “our support team are in constant daily contact with our surveyors, building up strong relationships. And the stronger we are as a team, the stronger the service we can offer to our customers and brokers.”

Rachel predicts 2019 will be a year for developing the team, both individually and as a whole. As she points out, “we had a couple of new faces join the team last year, so this year will see us continue to invest in those individuals while also using new systems technology to streamline our team’s output for brokers and customers.”

Ready to trade with us?
Our Risk Control Team is ready and waiting to provide you with comprehensive risk management support. The team works closely with our underwriters to provide you with risk management tailored to your specific needs. For more information you can visit our dedicated risk management area on where you’ll find useful tools and templates, covering a range of topics in various trade sectors. You can also watch videos about our approach to risk management and a case study by clicking here.