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Green Cards for motor policies following a no-deal Brexit

30 October 2019

Estimated Read Time: 3 minutes

Further to recent events, it seems unlikely that the UK will leave the EU without a deal on the 31st October or indeed prior to the election.  As such there will be no change to today’s position and a Green Card is not required when driving within the EU/EEA.

Should the current ‘flextension’ result in the UK leaving the EU on or prior to the 31st January 2020, without a deal, the process outlined below will need to be followed to obtain a Green Card.

To request a Green Card please email your regional mailbox, for example Requests should be made 15 – 30 days before travel.  

When you send your request please title the email ‘Green Card requestand include the following information:

  • policyholder name and number
  • dates of travel
  • name/s of the driver/s
  • name/s of the countries visited
  • vehicle registration number, make and model
  • trailer or caravan make and model

The Green Card must be a physical document printed on approved green paper.  The Green Card shows that the vehicle is insured for the minimum level of cover required by law to be driven in the specified countries. However, it doesn’t confirm comprehensive insurance.

We won’t be issuing Green Cards for travel outside the EU/EEA. 

Green Cards will be issued for a minimum of 15 days unless the policy is due for renewal whilst the vehicle is abroad. In this instance, the Green Card will only be valid until the renewal date. If renewal is confirmed before the Green Card is issued, then cover will be extended for the full period of travel.

Where we hold a record of all the vehicles on cover, we’ll check that the vehicle in question is listed on the record and if not, we’ll query it. For those policies which are on a declaration basis, we’ll accept your request as confirmation that you’ve checked the vehicle is covered by our policy.

The Government has issued further guidelines regarding travel within the EU/EEA post Brexit which fall outside of our involvement. Further information can be found by clicking here

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that all commercial trailers over 750kg and all other trailers over 3,500kg must be registered before travel, so they can be taken through some EU/EEA countries.  A separate Green Card will be issued for all trailers. Unregistered trailers will bear the registration mark of the towing vehicle, whereas a registered trailer will bear its own unique trailer registration number.

There is no change to current policy premiums.


Q. Does my policy cover my vehicle whilst driving within the EU/EEA?
A. Yes, and there is no change to the cover afforded by your policy.

Q. My motor certificate currently documents European cover on the back page. Do I still need a Green Card?
A. Yes, if we’re advised that Green Cards are required for travel (following a no-deal Brexit), then you will need to carry a Green Card with your motor certificate.

Q. What happens if I do not take a Green Card?
A. It’s difficult to know how the various countries, border or law enforcement officials will react. It’s not always possible to buy insurance at the border so there’s a chance that your vehicle will be confiscated and a fine issued.

Q. Will a Green Card incur an additional premium?
A. No, there will be no charge to issue a Green Card. Please refer to your policy booklet and additional endorsements to see if a charge is applicable to increase your cover (above the minimum level afforded by the Green Card).

Q. Will you be sending the European Accident Statement with the Green Card?
A. No. You’ll need to continue to obtain this document yourself and ensure that you comply with the rules and regulations of the countries visited. 

Q. Do I need a Green Card for my trailer?
A. Yes, a separate Green Card will be issued for your trailer, registered or otherwise.

Q. Can you PDF the Green Card?
A. No, we’ve been advised that the Green Card must be a physical document, printed on approved green paper. Therefore, it’s important to request a Green Card at least 15 days before travel to make sure it arrives in time.