eDocs Enhancements in Place

03 July 2017

With NIG now being a paperless organisation for customer documentation we thought it would be a good chance to share with you the improvements that have been made to the system since it launched in December 2016.

Feedback led Improvements

We’ve been using you feedback to continually improve the eDocs portal making it even easier for you to use.

Here are some of the main changes we’ve made to the eDocs portal since it launched:

  • Broker covering letter – Previously uploaded documents automatically included the broker covering letter. We have separated this out into two PDF documents in order to make it easier for you to send the documents straight on to your customers.
  • Automatic renewals moves online – For those cases that are issued at standard terms, documentation will be stored in the eDocs portal and will become available to you from approximately 15:30 the day after the document has been released. Information about which renewal documents have been uploaded to the portal will be included in the standard daily notification email to your nominated Broker Administrator. If you’re unsure who your office Broker Administrator is then please email the NIG Broker Support team at brokersupport@nig-uk.com who will be able to provide you with an answer within two hours.
  • Simplified support mailbox - We have removed the need for you to complete a form after you’ve submitted your initial inquiry. We’ll still send you an auto response: however, this now provides an SLA for our support services and a copy of the external eDocs guide.

Your feedback is important to us. Should you have any suggestions or comments regarding the portal please contact your Senior Business Development Manager or Underwriter.

eDocs – a reminder

Customer documentation for all of our regionally-traded products is only available via the eDocs portal on TheHub.  In order to access customer documents via the eDocs portal you must register on our online trading platform, TheHub.

eDocs, Here’s Why …

The launch of the eDocs portal back in December was just another example of how NIG is using technology to drive change in the industry, and enabling brokers to fulfil their customers' needs.

Click here to download the ‘Introducing eDocs … a how to’ guide