Pub & Resturant

Our Pub & Restaurant policy is designed for pubs, wine bars, social clubs and restaurants.

Why choose NIG for Pub & Restaurant?

Here's why....

  • Introductory no claims discount available at new business.
  • No claims discount available at renewal.
  • Option to include Loss of Licence.
  • Standard excess of £200 for Contents and Buildings with £100 or £500 options available.
  • Option to include Injury to Working Partners under Employers Liability.
  • Engineering Breakdown automatically included covering printers, copiers, telephone and computer equipment, domestic kitchen and laundry equipment and Audio visual equipment. Boilers, lifts, alarms and air conditioning units covered if Buildings insured. Provides up to £15,000 for frozen or chilled foods and up to £5,000 for other perishable goods.
  • Option to add accidental damage to Buildings and Landlords Contents.
  • Option to include Home Contents (residential portion of premises) - limit £50,000.
  • "The contents section is extended to include damage to customers, guests and/or employees personal effects and/or motor vehicles (caused by an insured contingency) within the boundaries of the Premises all for which you are fully responsible up to £1000 per person, £10000 per vehicle and limited to £100,000 any one claim."
  • The contents section is extended to include a 55% seasonal increase during December and January and 15 days before and after Bank Holidays (other than those Bank Holidays in December and January).
  • The buildings section is extended to cover damage to gardens by emergency services up to £10,000.
  • Free 24 hour advice lines for health and medical assistance, emergency assistance, glazing, legal advice and stress counselling.
  • Available on:
  • The Hub  
  • Acturis  
  • PowerPlace